Q:Despite living abroad, I would like to support the initiative. To make this easier for myself and anyone else living in Europe, could you also confirm IBAN number of the bank account. This will make an international bank transfer much easier?
A: The IBAN number is GB39 BUKB 20632890246859 another code your bank may need is SWIFT BIC BARC GB22
Q: "Can I buy shares for other people?"
A: You can buy shares for others, ie for grandchildren. You need to complete the application form in your name and pay by cheque or BACS as shown on the share application form but mark the form with the name you want to appear on the share certificate. If you are paying for multiple names it would be helpful to us if you complete a form for each.
Q: " I want to buy shares, when do I have to buy them?"
A; People considering buying shares should do so as soon as possible, we plan to make an offer to Enterprise (EI) the owners of the pub as soon as we have a realistic amount. Our share offer closes 27 April.
Q; "How confident are you in being able to find the right quality landlord?"
A; We have contacted a company who specialises in finding suitable landlords who are looking for this type of opportunity. Community owned pubs are well thought of as good business opportunities for tenant landlords. As soon as our offer has been accepted we will start the recruitment process to find the right landlord who will work with our vision. We have instructed a solicitor specialising in working with community pubs who will prepare a tenancy agreement.