Thank you for your interest in the pub project.. I am emailing a copy of our Facebook posting from last night for your info as a supporter of the project.

We have had a good meeting today at Leasingham village hall. We reported on all the various work we have achieved since forming the working group in January, particularly writing the business plan and share offer.

We launched the share offer to buy the pub 10 weeks ago and have tirelessly worked to sell shares at £50 each. we have had press releases, radio interviews and four publicity papers through doors in Leasingham and Cranwell. We are proud to report 319 potential shareholders have raised £178,000.

We need to raise £210,000 in shares to help make our offer to Enterprise but also to unlock the grant and loan funding. The difference between what we have and what we need is £32,000 so we are appealing for more share sales to reach our target.
This can be achieved, we have raised £17,800 each week. Our grand total of £178,000 has been reached in 10 weeks. Please tell your friends and family, please encourage your neighbours to buy shares. As we want to make an offer to Enterprise as soon as possible, please email info@buytheduke.co.uk and give your pledge or complete an application form downloaded from www.buytheduke.co.uk
Many thanks

Since the meeting we have received pledges and application forms and our new target will be publicised soon, however we do need funds to keep coming in so please keep spreading the good word for us. We are determined to carry on raising funds in the hope of purchasing the Duke of Wellington as a community pub.

Many thanks
Leasingham Community Benefit Society.

The Duke Of Wellington

The Leasingham Community Benefit Society Ltd has been formed and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It was set up with the aim of purchasing The Duke of Wellington and revitalising it for the benefit for the WHOLE community of Leasingham as well as the people who live or work in the area or just passing through.

This is to be achieved by raising the capital by offering a share offer to our supporters, local community and anyone who as a connection with our pub. We are also applying for grants from various sources. The Share Offer will be available from 11th March 2018 until 27th April 2018 

Business Plan.pdf
Share Offer.pdf